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Spinal instrumentations

In 1995 a crucial event happened in the Ukrainian medicine an implant system for evening the acquired curvature and fixation of the spine was implanted to the patient with spineal trauma. The operation was performed for the first time in Ukraine by Igor Kurilets with the help of French and Polish doctors. Later implants were used at treating spondylolisthesis and scoliosis.

Before performing the surgery, Igor Kurilets met the inventors of such operations Cotrel and Dubousset (France), worldwide known orthopedists. A method they offered, using the metal implants system, gave absolutely new and radical results in treating the spinal curvatures (scoloisis, kyphosis, traumas, spondylolisthesis, etc.).

The first operation in the world was performed in Paris in 1983, the second country was Poland, the third Canada. Now this method is used in all countries of the world.

Implants consist of hooks, screws and plates, fixed on the spine. There are laminar, pedicle and transverse hooks. Screws may be monoaxial, polyaxial and cannulated. Hooks and screws are stiffly fixed by the rods, the latter fixed between them with the transverse holders. The implants are fixed with special fixing screws, some of them perform dynamometric fixation control. Implants are produced from stainless steel or titanic alloy.

For inserting every implant into the spine, special tools and manipulators are used.

Nowadays the USA and France are the leaders in producing and using the implants.

The International Neurosurgery Center uses the American implants Medtronic and French Nova Spine.

With the efforts of the International Neurosurgery Center personnel, the said implants are registered in the State Registry of Medical Devices of Ukraine.