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Dynamic spine stabilization

Invention of the metal implants that stiffly fixed and leveled the vertebras between them was an epochal event of the XX century. The analysis of the modern medicine achievements shows that the beginning of this century is marked by inventing the flexible fixation systems so-called dynamic spinal stabilization.

Dynamic spine stabilization foresees the usage of mobile artificial intervertebral discs, flexible rods for fixing the implants, and also so-called shock-absorbers flexible intervertebral implants that optimize (restrict) the unnecessary moves of the damaged vertebras.

Isolated back pain until recently was not considered a surgical problem, so only specialists in traditional or alternative treatment used to deal with it. But such treatment does not help all the patients, whose life quality suffers because of permanent or recurring pain. Patients need often out-patient or in-patient treatment, as well as sanatoria and health resort facilities. Some of them are disabled.

The dynamic spine stabilization method may help these people.

From 2007 we have been using the DIAM system (Medtronic-Biotech, France - USA) for treating the spine instability and recurring herniated discs. This technology is recorded in the State Registry of Medical Devices of Ukraine by the personnel of the International Neurosurgery Center. The operation is well-tolerated by the patients. Results show that this operation is appropriate when there are strict prescriptions. In some cases we were able to relieve the patients from the chronic back pain when all the other ways of treatment had no effect.