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Modern anesthesiology

When choosing a surgical clinic, patients often underestimate the level of anesthesiology support because they think that only the surgeon has the main role during the operation.

Modern neuroanesthesiology is a very complicated and dynamic branch of the medical science which requires highly qualified personnel and solid capital investments into the medical equipment. We provide modern support for our patients. Unlike the traditional Ukrainian hospitals, we ensure the following:

1. We apply the Datex-Ohmeda narcosis devices (General Electrics, USA). This company is a leader producer of such technique. They work by close circuit, which, unlike the domestic open circuit devices, allows to thoroughly control the gas content of the mix entering the lungs and of the air being exhaled. Control is performed by the complicated monitor, gas analyzer and the system of re-circulating, purifying and regenerating gas content of the mix being put into the patientís lungs. It allows to use 5-10 times less drugs, and therefore to reduce the destructive effect of the narcosis. It also allows to perform operations lasting for many hours on severely ill and aged people. In general, such narcosis is tolerated much better by the patients.

2. Modern anesthesiology equipment controls up to 30 indications of the patientís condition. It gives the opportunity to diagnose promptly any dangerous deviations from the norm and effectively correct them. All this reduces greatly the number of surgical complications.

3. Highly-effective anesthetics are managed and administered by the special computer devices (infusomats, infusion pumps, gas batchers, which unlike the traditional methods of drugs infusion guarantee the narcosis stability with less drugs quantity. Medical gases and modern gas-like mixes also ensure safety, comfort and controllability of the narcosis in our clinic. After the surgery the patient wakes up in a few minute and so surgeons can at once estimate his/her condition.

4. Medical equipment used in the surgery rooms of the International Neurosurgery Center is duplicated, thus securing reliability even in case of failures or accidents.

5. On our site you can find information about the autotransfusion of blood in our clinic, as well as about intraoperative monitoring of spinal cord function. We consider such technologies basic.

6. High qualification and prolonged training of anesthesiology service personnel in the International Neurosurgery Center is the main pledge of success in neurosurgeonsí work.