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Non-invasive treatment of herniated disk

Conservative treatment does not help, but the operation is undesirable. Patients feel uneasy, while their relatives are trying to figure out what to do.

In such case puncture treatment will help, that is infusing the medicine at the site of the hernia. Under the X-ray control a solution of hormones and analgesics (for example, Depo-Medrol and Bipivacaine) are infused via a needle to the site of the pathologic process in the spine.

Technically, performing such blockade demands high precision, because the needle should aim the very site of the hernia, with maximal deviation of 1-2 mm, which is possible if using surgical digital X-ray machine and a special operating table. Of course, this must be done in the conditions of neurosurgical operating room. The manipulation is performed under local anesthesia.

This method in many cases launches the recovery, relieves immediately the acute or chronic back pain. In an hour patient may go home. On the other hand, puncture method often proves ineffective and so the surgery is necessary.

The surgeons of the International Neurosurgery Center possess both puncture and surgical methods. Thus, inside one clinic the whole arsenal of methods may be used to help patients with pain syndromes caused by the discal hernias.