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What days and hours are patients admitted?

We admit patients Monday till Friday, 8.15 to 16.00 and 9.00 to 11.00 on Saturday.

Is appointment needed?

If you wish a neurosurgeon to consult you, the appointment is not necessary. Patients wait in the line. However, we advise that you call the day before and ask if the doctor will be available. To be consulted by a neuropathologist, please call (044)281-58-32 for an appointment.

How much time can the consulting take? How long shall I wait for it?

Our practice shows that usual expectation time is 0,5–1 of an hour. It may be more or less, depending on the number of consultations and surgeries the doctors may be engaged into. A consulting usually lasts for about 15-20 minutes. In more complicated cases you may be recommended to get some additional examinations and come again in a few days. Consultations where foreign specialists are engaged will also last longer. An average neuropathologist’s consultation takes 20-30 minutes.

How can I get an appointment with a neurosurgeon for certain time?

If you do not want to wait in the line, you may call for an appointment with one of our neurosurgeons for certain time of the day. Though, if you wish to be consulted by Igor Petrovich Kurilets, our Center’s director, you will have to wait in the line. To get an appointment for a neurosurgeon’s consultation, please call: (044) 281-58-32

What should I have with me at a consultation?

If you have done earlier any analyses or medical examinations, in particular magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), computer tomography (CT), X-ray study – you must take them with you because if you do not have them, an additional consultation may be needed. If you haven’t had any examinations, do not do them on your own, because it may be ineffective. We also insist that you are accompanied by someone, for ex. parents, relatives, family, friends.

Is it necessary to go to the central clinic in Kyiv for a consultation?

One of our principles is to be available for people. We understand how difficult it may be for a sick person to travel a far distance. Such trip may also cost a lot. That is why a range of consulting points was open all over Ukraine. Specialists of the International neurosurgery center visit these points, taking turns.

Can the doctor consult me at home?

In case transporting a patient is very difficult, the doctor can consult you at home. You have to call our office by (044) 281-58-32 and make sure such consultation is possible at a time you want, and also tell us your address and the date and time you wish to be consulted. You will be informed of analyses and examinations necessary for such consultation so that it will be the most effective. The cost of such consultation depends on how far is the location you reside in.

Can the doctor consult me by the means of telephone/internet?

The doctors of our clinic will answer all your questions. However, when consulting you via telephone/internet, the doctor can not examine you thoroughly, communicate with you, and study your examination results. Thus, such consultation is not very effective, and you will be offered to come for personal consultation.

How do you solve the problem of accommodation for the patients who came for a consultation and their relatives?

If necessary, our partners can help the patients and their relatives find a temporary residence in Kyiv. But we advise you to settle this matter beforehand.

If a patient is from another city, what day is the best for a consultation?

We advise patients from other cities to come in the first half of the week (Monday – Wednesday). It is because any additional examinations may take another day or two.