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Mini-invasive treatment of spinal trauma

Spinal fractures of young people is a severe somatic pathology which often needs a surgical interference. Traditionally the surgeon implants transpedicle screws above and under the fractured vertebra. Screws are fixed by the rods, which level and fix the spine. To perform such operation, the spine is accessed through the 15-20 cm incision, made by traumatic separation of ligaments and muscles from the vertebras in the zone of spinal damage.

Now the neurosurgeons of the world have the possibility to perform such operation without any incision. This operation named Sextant and Sextant 2 (Medtronic, USA) is now in the use of the International neurosurgery center. Special cannulated titanic screws are inserted through the skin under the control of the X-ray machine, and fixed by the rods in the same way.

No incision, no after-operation scars, no blood loss – these are doubtless benefits of the Sextant operation. Patients can walk the next day after the surgery.

Of course, such interferences demand special precise instruments and implants, but mainly – surgeons’ skills in the branch of mini-invasive spinal surgery.

The said operation may be performed at the instability of waist vertebras, spondylolisthesis, and also in the situations when the surgical interference should be minimized by medical prescriptions.