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Intraoperative monitoring of spinal cord function

Operations on spine and spinal cord have a risk of unforeseen paralysis because of spinal cord dysfunctions. Usually surgeons learnt about this complication after the surgery, when it was too late to do anything.

In 2007 the dream came true: Ukrainian surgeons could now detect the spinal cord functions during the operation in order to avoid its damage, possible in such interferences.

The International Neurosurgery Center registered the NIM-SPINE device (Medtronic, USA) in the State Registry of Medical Devices of Ukraine and started using it in surgeries.

Stimulating electrodes are installed above the brain motor regions. Then charges of electric current are sent; they pass from the brain to the spinal cord and limbs where registering electrodes are. The latter send signals to the computer which visualizes the received information on the monitor. All this is done under the general anesthesia during the surgery. Surgeons constantly get information about the brain functionality which increases greatly the effectiveness of the operations and especially of the most dangerous surgical maneuvers and manipulations.

Now monitoring of the spinal cord is a basic technology of the International Neurosurgery Center. Without such technology operations on spine and spinal cord in Northern America and Western Europe are inadmissible.