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In 2005, for the first time in Ukraine, the International Neurosurgery Center started using the Stealth Station Treon Plus neuronavigational system (Medtronic, USA). We registered the said system in the State Registry of Medical Devices of Ukraine.

Navigation is also a basic tool in the neurosurgery. It is a complicated computer device which allows to within 1 mm to locate the position of the surgical instruments in the patientís head during the surgery. The navigational technologies help to accurately hit the mark when performing biopsies, removing the small brain tumors, to avoid the contact of the surgical instruments with the important anatomic structures in order to prevent their damage. Navigation allows to control the region of the surgical instruments penetration and the completeness of the brain tumors removal.

During performing the spinal surgeries, navigation allows to replace the intraoperative X-ray pictures with the virtual navigational ones. This gives an opportunity to control the placement and the correct installation of the spine implants, reduces the possibilities of their penetration into the spinal channel and damage of the spinal cord. Use of the navigation radically reduces the X-ray load on the patient and the team of surgeons.

The navigational apparatus downloads the virtual pictures of the brain, done on the magnetic resonance and computer tomograph and compares them with the real anatomical structures of the head and the skull. When using the navigation on the spine, the navigatorís computer works in pair with the X-ray device.