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International Neurosurgery Center closely co-operates with a wide group of leading European specialists,

Professor Henry Marsh (London, Great Britain), - the Director of Research and a founder of International Neurosurgery Center, consultant neurosurgeon, the Secretary of the Association of Royal College of Neurosurgeons in Great Britain. Professor Henry Marsh regularly visits our clinic, consults patients with tumours to the brain, and performs surgeries. The consultations of Professor Henry Marsh are provided free of charge.

Dr. Noberto Venturi (Barcelona, Spain). Dr Venturi heads up the service in territory of Catalonia and Barcelona, which treats patients with spinal curvature. Together with him, we plan to open up a similar department at the International Centre in Ukraine. He also consults patients with the complicated curvature of the spine.
Dr Paul Mychaljski and Dr Christopher Koltowski (Warsaw and Wroclaw, Poland) in the sphere of treating degenerative curvature of the spine.

International Neurosurgery Center also co-operates with:

The Association of Neurosurgeons in Great Britain, specifically our clinic has the ability to consult with our British colleagues in the area of treatment of complicated pathology. Doctors at the International centre for Neurosurgery undertake further training and professional development at the following clinics:

St Georges Hospital (London, Great Britain)


SickKids Hospital (Toronto, Canada)

Medtronic Company (USA). Medtronic is one of the largest and most advanced medical companies in the world, because it invests millions of dollars in medical research and technology. Direct co-operation with Medtronics provides our clinic the possibility to be amongst the group of international leaders with the introduction of new medical technology. And the fact, that our clinic in the areas of neurosurgery and orthopaedics has become the largest partner of Medtronics in Eastern Europe demonstrates the high level of trust of our foreign partners. Our doctors are regular participants at international medical conferences organised by this company, and also at their training & research centre in Memphis (Tennessee, USA).

Novaspine Company (France).
The clinic at Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona, Spain) in the area of treatment of curvature of the spine in children and adolescents.