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Oncotomy by ultrasound

Use of ultrasound aspirator

Brain tumors and spinal cord tumors are often solid and fit closely to the delicate jelly-like brain substance. Removal of such dense and fibrous tumors is aggravated with the damage of brain structures which are near. In the neurosurgery clinics of the developed countries it is a basic standard to use the ultrasound aspirator when removing such tumors.

The method is as follows: a concentrated beam of ultrasound affects the tumor, ruining it (fragmenting, reducing to particles), making it a pappy liquid mass that with a flow of cleansing fluid is sucked away by the aspirator. Thus brain is not traumatized, therefore it preserves its function. Of course, the power of the ultrasound, irrigation (cleansing) and aspiration (sucking out) are regulated, which allows to optimize the treatment in every single case.

The neurosurgeons of the International Neurosurgery Center apply the Soring ultrasound aspirator (Germany).