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Magnetic - resonance imaging (MRI)

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is the modern technology that uses magnetic field and radio waves to form images of human body tissues and organs without using harmful X-ray irradiation.

During human stay within MRI apparatus magnetic field temporarily acts on all organism water molecules. During this radio waves scan signals from these molecules and form magnetic-resonance image.

Magnetic field and radio waves that are used during MRI are absolutely harmless for human organism, which makes this examination method so popular.

With the help of magnetic resonance tomography doctor can examine and receive full information about state of nervous system, internals, and human locomotor system. This information allows to detect diseases at early stages and prescribe the most effective treatment.

MRI is used for detecting the following pathologies:

Brain and spinal cord

In particular, MRI is the most informative method for revealing such pathologies as:

  • Tumor
  • Development pathology
  • Aneurism
  • Stroke
  • Hypophysis pathology
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Progressing dementia
  • Spinal cord trauma

Bones and joints

MRI is a basic diagnostic method in such diseases as:

  • Herniated disk
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spine channel stenosis
  • Arthritis
  • Joint trauma
  • Bone infection


MRI is used for detecting tumors and other pathologies in such organs as:

  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Spleen
  • Pancreas
  • Uterus
  • Ovaries
  • Prostate
  • Testicles

Mammary gland

MRI is used as additional to mammography method for mammary cancer diagnostics.


In our clinic the modern perfect and powerful open MRI system RIS ELITE made by Hitachi (Japan) is used. It is world leader in images quality, clinical possibilities and this class examination speed. Our tomograph specializes on detecting diseases of central nervous system and locomotor system.

How MRI is carried out:

There is no special preparation for the examination. The examination lasts 10 to 30 minutes. The patient should wear natural fabrics lingerie and leave in cloakroom all metal objects (watches, jewellery, pins, piercing), mobile phones, hearing-aid, credit cards, and keys. The test result is handed over 2 hours after the test. In case of contrasting agent administration (in complex pathologies) you should keep in mind that its cost is not included into examination price.


Information for persons willing to undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging:


Preparation for MRI:

  • You may eat, drink and take medicines before the test (excluding MRI with contrasting agent).
  • If you are afraid of closed spaces, please, tell the doctor about it before examination. You may be prescribed medicines that help you to overcome this fear.
  • You will be certainly asked to take off all clothing that may be dangerous or damaged under magnetic field action. These objects may include: watches, coins, jewellery, piercing, coins, keys, etc. Please, also take off wig, denture, and hearing-aid. Do not forget to leave mobile phone and credit cards.
  • You will receive special disposable clothes for the test.

What you should tell the doctor before MRI:

  • about implanted heart pacemaker, artificial metal joint, artificial heart valve, implanted electric devices, middle ear electronic implants or teeth implants;
  • about your pregnancy;
  • about your weight if it is exceeding 120 kg;
  • if you underwent any ocular operations, surgeries for foreign body removal or ocular traumas;
  • if you underwent any neurosurgeries and laparoscopic operations with clips;
  • if you have metal objects inside your body, for example, remains after wounds (such objects may appear after surgeries, traumas, etc.).

What takes place during MRI:

  • You will lie down on the table that will move inside apparatus till the examined body part will stay in magnet centre.
  • Modern MRI machines are short and wide. Therefore, during scanning the most of your body will stay beyond apparatus.
  • If you are prescribed head examination, you may be asked to put on special device that helps fixating the head.
  • Please, breathe calmly during the test; do not move your head or body, because this affects image clarity.
  • During MRI scanning tomography generates repeated noises, which you should not be afraid of. Special vacuum headphones decrease the noises.
  • During examination you will have microphone near you, thus you may always contact your doctor if needed.
  • If it is necessary your friend or relative may stay near you during the test.
  • Please, tell the personnel, if you feel discomfort or need help.

MRI with contrasting agent:

ATTENTION! In order to improve image quality and for additional information you may be offered MRI with contrasting. For this reason contrasting agent is introduced intravenously. Before examination with contrasting agent the patient is recommended not to eat and drink for 2 hours before MRI.

MRI results:

After the test completion you will be asked to wait till MRI scans are studied and there will be certainty that you do not need additional scans.

Duration of your stay for MRI standard examination in our clinic is about two hours (documents preparation, patient preparation for examination, scanning, data processing, and conclusion of a specialist).

ATTENTION! In complex cases if consilium of doctors is needed the patient receives conclusion in several days. Examination results are passed to your doctor, who will explain you all information obtained and make final diagnosis.