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Microsurgery under the operating microscope

Though operating microscopes are not widely used in Ukrainian neurosurgery, this tool is now basic for neurosurgeons all over the world, including the International Neurosurgery Center. Neurosurgery as a medical specialty today has transformed into microneurosurgery.

The first in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) operation on spine under the operating microscope was performed in 1993 by I. Kurilets. It was then a real breakthrough for the Ukrainian neurosurgery, because microscopic equipment demonstrated totally different results in operations on brain, spinal cord and spine. Some operations could not be performed without the operating microscope at all.

Until now, the International Neurosurgery Center has used the operating microscope in more than 10 000 surgeries. All neurosurgeons of the Center use this device for everyday application.

The operating microscope does not only enlarge the picture, but also provides a better stereoscopic vision and more penetration, it is a perfect lightning tool and is also useful for recording the surgery with the help of the embodied video camera.

OPMI® Pentero™
Modern microscopes have a complicated contraversive mechanical suspender of the surgical optical instruments. And the latter, in its turn, is equipped with coaxial xenon backlighting, autofocus, autobalance, varioscope.

In the International Neurosurgery Center we use German microscopes produced by the Carl Zeiss.