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What necessary documents should patients have with them when being hospitalized for a surgery?

Patients being hospitalized for a surgery should present a passport and an identification code.

What is the approximate time of patients after surgery to stay in the clinic?

After the surgery patients usually stay:
  • low-difficulty surgeries: up to 3 days
  • middle-difficulty surgeries: 5-7 days
  • high-difficulty surgeries – over 10 days

Should the patients come for surgery on their own?

Depending on our many-year experience, we insist you come to a surgery accompanied by relatives or close friends, because their support and help during your stay in the clinic is very important for recovering process.

What does the operation price cover?

The operation price covers: the surgery itself, implants, drugs and expense materials that may be used during the surgery, before- and post-surgical care, as well as medicines. The operation price does not cover any additional examinations that may be prescribed to the patient.

Who should pay for the additional medical services that may be necesary in case of any complications after the surgery?

Though complications are rare in our center, we can not exclude them at ll. In case of complications the International Neurosurgery Center makes maximum efforts to effectively liquidate them. It is also important for us to reduce the expenses of our patients and their families. The only exclusion is the price of the patient’s staying in the clinic.

How should I pay for the surgery?

You may pay for the surgery at the nearest bank department. A corresponding bill will be provided to you.

Is it possible to pay in credit?

Our clinic gives the patients in hard financial situation the opprtunity to pay by an interest-free credit. The clinic administration decides about granting the credit, on the basis of the client’s payability and the financial situation in the country.

What about the medical services for people with low income?

The clinic understands the needs of people whose income is low. Medical services for such citizens are provided at lower prices. We also contact with a range of Ukrainian and foreign charitable organizations and funds.

How do you solve the problem of accommodation for the relatives, accompanying patients?

If necessary, our partners can help the patients and their relatives find a temporary residence in Kyiv. But we advise you to settle this matter beforehand.

Is it necessary to go to the Kyiv central clinic for the surgery?

We always try to be close to the population, and also want to help you reduce your expenses, as the trip to Kyiv may be expensive. In December 2009, a branch of our center was open in the west of Ukraine, in the town of Stryi. This clinic is equipped in the same way as the central clinic is and is regularly visited by the specialists from Kyiv who may consult you and, if needed, perform a surgery. It should be also mentioned that transporting the patient after the surgery at far distances may slow the recovery down.