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Patient informationCharitable support of the patients

A human being is always in the first place for the International Neurosurgery Center team. We understand those patients whose income does not let them pay fully for the necessary medical services.

For such patients we try to offer maximum discounts. You can also pay for the medical services later, there is a no-interest credit.

Besides, the clinic contacts with a range of domestic and international charitable funds which often pay partly or fully for our patients’ treatment. With the help of the International Neurosurgery Center administration and the support of the international charitable organizations some our patients with difficult pathologies were treated in the clinics of Great Britain and Spain free of charge.

The “Grace” charitable fund was opened at the International Neurosurgery Center. Its aim is collecting money for treatment of the citizens with low-incomes. Anyone who cares for the ill people can make a donation. For more details about the “Grace” charitable fund’s activities please call: +38(044) 592-69-79 and 592-68-78, e-mail: