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About the clinicWhy choose us?

1. The primary aim of the clinic is to provide the most up to date and the most effective medical services, - what is known throughout the world as the “gold standard”. From our very inception, we have worked only by the principle of evidentiary medicine.

2. The Doctors at the centre are highly qualified professionals, who are committed to ongoing learning and professional development, and make regular visits to clinics throughout the European Union, USA, and Canada in order to ensure that their procedures are in line with those exercised around the world.

3. This centre is the only establishment in this field in Ukraine, and which is technologically equipped to that of normal European Union standards.

4. The centre maintains direct and real collaboration with leading companies and clinics in the European Union and the USA. In the more difficult clinical treatments we engage specialists from Great Britain, USA, Canada, Spain and Poland.

5. The International Neurosurgery Centre, is distinctive from other clinics as it concentrates its efforts in performing the more complicated surgeries, many of which are only performed in this clinic.

6. The clinic is an active opponent of unnecessary surgery, the result of which provides for analogical conservative treatment.

7. The clinic operates on the principle of providing access of its services to the broad community, and therefore maintains a system of reasonable pricing for its medical services. We practice a strict selection process of our patients for surgery, recognising that effectively we are the last resort for the patient.

8. The clinic continually strives to be more accessible to all patients who may need its services. It is primarily with this aim in mind that we continue to open new consultation rooms and branches in many areas of Ukraine. Therefore, you are able to receive a qualified consultation from a Doctor of the International Neurosurgery Centre, without incurring the unnecessary expense of travelling to Kyiv.

9. The International Neurosurgery Centre is one of the best centres for work, study, and upgrading medical qualifications. There is a regular flow of Doctors through the clinic from throughout Ukraine and nearby countries.

10. We guarantee top quality medical services and post operative care. Doctors from the International Neurosurgery Centre provide ongoing and free consultations to their patients as a post-operative service.