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About the clinicPhilosophy

We believe that medicine and medical practices are for the sick and needy. Providing service to the sick – that is the aim of our clinic.

Ongoing medical research enables us to utilise best medical technology for the treatment of our patients. To this end we are supported by the expertise of visiting fellows from the west and Ukrainian doctors residing in countries other than Ukraine. The criteria for selection of technological equipment is guided by strict standards of the FDA and the standards of Great Britain. Only tried and proven methodologies are adopted by our medical team at the INSC.

The methodology adopted for treatment at “the INSC” is not so much based on ideology, which has been maintained in medicine in post-soviet countries, but is based on the learning of the results of remote treatment. Every case of an unexpected result in treatment is thoroughly analysed, studied, and provides the basis for the development of precise procedural instructions.

One of the primary problems of native neurosurgery is the number of superfluous surgical imposts, which can provide similar results to analogous conservative treatment. We practise a strict selection process of patients for surgery, on the basis that this is the final chance.

Access to medical services. The “INSC” directly contacts the providers of medical goods and implants. We do not deal with the middle man. This practise, combined with the intensification of work allows for a price-reduction of the service. That is why the cost of medical services at the INSC is accessible to the broader community.

At the INSC our selected priorities are not our entourage, but scientifically verified “know how” and a means to its adaptation. We clearly differentiate the format and contents of philosophical categories and provide a distinct advantage to the latter.

Benchmarking. We imitate and copy the principles of the best hospitals in the European Union and the USA.