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About the clinicOur team

Founders and foreign consultants:

Igor P. Kurilets

Founder and CEO of the International Neurosurgery Center
Ph.D in Medical Sciences.

Senior neurosurgeon


Luke Tomycz, MD (USA)

Visiting foreign consultant.

Chairman of the brain tumor and epilepsy programs


Dr. Noberto Ventura (Spain)

Visiting foreign consultant.

Chairman of the pediatric spinal deformity program


Neurosurgeons and neurologist:

Igor I. Kurilets


Oleksandr V. Shvets


Igor O. Nesterov


Mykhailo V. Valchuk


Volodymyr A. Zakharko


Mykhailo O. Prytula


Inna V. Buvailo


International Neurosurgery Center is a leading centre of neurosurgical practice offering an opportunity for medical tuition, skill development and refinement for medical students as well as medical practitioners. Visiting doctors from around Ukraine and neighbouring countries use our clinic to refine their skills. We provide the best possible procedures and practices in neurosurgery thus creating an optimum learning environment. Doctors in our neurosurgical team undertake training in clinics in Great Britain, Spain, USA, Canada and Poland. We maintain a commitment to our pursuit of excellence in the field of neurosurgery by maintaining a clinical exchange with doctors from Great Britain, Spain and USA for the purpose of knowledge exchange. International Neurosurgery Center is constantly in pursuit of expanding its offerings of medical services and would be interested in collaborating with specialists in the field of neurosurgery, orthopaedics, and trauma care.